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  • How to Accessorise Your Steens for Kids Bed

    Children’s bedrooms are a versatile place - somewhere to sleep, obviously, but also somewhere to play, to relax, build forts and much more. Clever Clicker’s range of children’s furniture offers the scope to be all of that.

    Quite a claim, but we’re confident that our range of beds and cabin bed accessories offers everything the kids want from their bedroom, with looks and prices their parents want!

    Personal Space

    Where possible, it can benefit children of all ages to have their own space. For younger children, sharing can disrupt bedtime and sleep patterns, and for older children, having personal space is important. It’s a place for some privacy and somewhere for self-expression.

    Children develop a sense of their own identity very early on - they know what they like and don’t like - so having a room that reflects that is a good thing. Have them help you ‘design’ it (within reason) and they’ll learn about how important their opinion is and a respect for their possessions and space. These tents can be the perfect for creating their own space.

    Steens Memphis UK Midsleeper Bed + Mattress + Tent

    Bedrooms Should Be Fun

    When they’re little, imaginations should be cherished. They can take a small person to outer space or to a princess castle - in fact, anywhere in this world or any other!

    Our range of furniture and cabin bed accessories makes imaginative play easy and fun and creates useful storage in smaller spaces, once dragons have been slain or treasure found and it’s time for sleep.

    Steens For Kids Midsleeper with Circus Accessories

    Practical and Beautiful

    Our steens range coordinate, which means you can add to your furniture as your child grows without having to replace items or face a mismatch. The space under a mid-sleeper bed that was reserved for a play tent might one day be needed by a fashionista for more storage with a cupboard or set of drawers, or by a studious teen with a mountain of homework.

    The handy desk designed to fit underneath the bed and can be pushed back to be stored, giving you enough room when you need it.

    Cabin Bed Accessories

    As they grow and they tastes and needs adapt, our range of cabin bed accessories is ready for your little one. Our basic beds are modern and well designed, and the accessories allow you to really make it your own.

    Use the space beneath a mid-sleeper for play only, which is especially great if you have the space, adorned with your kids’ favourite characters or make-believe scenarios.

    If space is tight, add a bookcase or chest of drawers and storage is no longer an issue. Of course, we can’t guarantee how tidy they’ll keep the space but it will keep precious books, and other assorted knick-knacks, nearby.

    Steens For Kids 3+2 Chest of Drawers in Whitewash


    One of the great things about our Steens Accessories is that you can add as many, or as few, to your child's bed as you wish. The Tunnels are available in Blue, Purple or Orange. The Tents in Blue/Dark Blue, Orange/Pink, or Pink/Purple, and the Pocket Tidy's in Blue/Dark Blue and Pink/Green.

    bedroom design

    Of course, our full range is compliant with all relevant safety guidelines, as we know parental peace of mind is a valuable thing.

    We offer three different colours for the furniture, which is FSC-certified from sustainable sources, and it meets UK and EU standards for safety.

  • National Bed Month - 8 Beds we Love!

    March is National Bed Month, which is the ideal excuse to think about investing in a new sleep space for your children. With so much choice on offer, where should you start you search?

    To help you out, we have compiled this round-up of eight of our favourite beds, from bunk beds with desk underneath to those that come complete with their own slides. Hopefully you will spot one that is just perfect for putting a spring in your children’s step this month and, if not, it should offer you plenty of inspiration to get your bed search well under way.

    Steens Memphis Midsleeper Bed

    Steens Memphis UK Midsleeper Bed + Mattress


    The smooth white design makes this Steens Memphis bed really versatile and its space-saving features mean it is a great option for a whole host of different-sized rooms.

    The solid construction makes it perfect for even the most-active of children, while the addition of extra features such as a play tent ensures imagination and play does not need to be ignored in favour of promoting great-quality sleep.


    Parisot Tam Tam Bunk Bed

    Parisot Tam Tam Bunk Bed

    The Parisot Tam Tam bunk bed, available in white, gloss black or beech finish, offers plenty of space-saving storage without compromising on style or design. Featuring plenty of modern shelving and the potential to add an underbed drawer, this is the ideal bed for smaller rooms or simply for children who can never have enough space to house all their things.


    Steens for Kids High Sleeper with Pedestal Desk and Low Bookcase

    Steens for Kids High Sleeper with Pedestal Desk and Low Bookcase

    What do you get for children who have everything? Bunk beds with plenty of added features and storage, of course.

    The Steens for Kids High Sleeper can create a whole bedroom in one compact unit. There is also the option to add on a bumper bundle of additional features, ranging from bed tidies to bookcases and wardrobes.

    The bunk beds with desk underneath and lots of optional storage mean that children are well taken care of during both waking and sleeping hours, while parents can appreciate a perfectly-proportioned, modern and stylish design.


    Julian Bowen Domino White Bunk Bed

    Julian Bowen Domino White Bunk Bed

    If you are looking for a stylish but robust bunk bed that does not compromise on style or comfort, then you can’t go wrong with this Julian Bowen Domino bed.

    Clever integrated storage and a thoroughly modern design will impress parents, but it will probably be the glow-in-the-dark green striped steps that the kids love the most.


    Steens for Kids Midsleeper Bed with Slide in Whitewash

    Steens for Kids Midsleeper Bed with Slide in Whitewash

    Why stumble out of bed in the morning when you can slide right into your day? The fun design of the Steens for Kids Midsleeper Bed will be an instant hit with youngsters and can be made even better with the addition of features such as a play tunnel or tent, available in a variety of designs.


    Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper Bed

    Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper Bed

    A great children’s bed with a distinctly grown-up feel, the Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper is a great combination of practicality and style.

    The pull-out sofa bed is perfect for when the kids have their friends over to stay, while the desk space and optional shelving takes care of everyday storage needs.


    Julian Bowen Wendy Blue Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed with Tent, Mattress and Chair

    Julian Bowen Wendy Blue Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed with Tent, Mattress and Chair

    There is no need to spend ages looking for the essential accessories for your child’s bed when you choose this great package from Julian Bowen, which comes complete with a tent, chair and mattress.

    There is a desk for work time, a tent for playtime and a super-comfy sleeping space for when it is time to take a break. What more could your youngsters need?


    Julian Bowen Stella Low-Sleeper Bed in Blue

    Julian Bowen Stella Low-Sleeper Bed in Blue

    When it comes to low sleepers, the Julian Bowen Stella is first class as a result of its stylish finish and practical design. Featuring no less than two underbed drawers and plenty of useful shelving, it is the ideal choice for boys who like having their prized possessions close at hand.

  • Imaginative Sleep and Storage Solutions for a Child's Small Bedroom

    Often children's rooms are a bit tight on space, and trying to furnish them to provide room for sleeping, playing, studying and having friends over can be a bit of a challenge.

    If your child or teenager's room is on the small side, the best solution may be to buy a bed with storage. This maximises the space left to move around in. From drawers for storing clothes to bookshelves and desks, and from toy boxes to a spare bed for sleepovers, there are so many options to choose from these days.

    And these multi-functional pieces of furniture come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to appeal to all ages and imaginations.

    Steens produce a cabin bed that is modular and can be turned into a tent or a play tunnel and comes with a desk and bookcases and accessories for storing toys. This is ideal for a small room. In plain white it will match any decor.

    steens for kids pink and white

    And for the slightly older child there is the Parisot Moby Midsleeper, which has a cabin bed with a desk and shelving below for books and toys.

    parisot winter sale

    Teenagers may appreciate a bunk-style bed which incorporates a comfortable chair to sit in to watch TV. It can also convert into a spare bed for sleepovers, as well as space for studying.

    teenagers bed Maintaining a light decor and providing sufficient storage to keep toys and books tidy and out of the way all help to make the room appear bigger. Also, by building the furniture upwards, the room looks taller, which helps to make the room appear bigger than it is.

    It's all about creating an illusion of space, as well as actually optimising the floor space available. Without careful thought and planning, the room could look cluttered and untidy, and neither you nor your child will want to spend time in it. A multi-purpose bed with storage and appropriately proportioned furniture is the practical option to meet your child's sleep, play and storage needs and can be adapted as they grow.

  • Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Growing Child

    Thuka beds from Clever Clicker

    For any parent, moving your child from a cot to a bed is a big milestone. For something this important, it is vital that you choose a bed and mattress that is right for your child and will enable not just your child but the whole family to have a good night's sleep. There are many beds to choose from, such as cot beds, toddler beds, regular single beds or Thuka beds from Clever Clicker, but the most important thing is to ensure that your child is on the right sort of mattress, as this can not only enable them to have undisturbed sleep but can also be better for the health of their growing body.


    What type of bed?

    Deciding on a bed for your little one can be something of a minefield. When you buy a cot for your baby, there is the option to buy a 'cotbed' so that once your toddler has outgrown the cot you can turn this into a bed. In theory, this is a good idea, but it doesn't work if you either need the cot for a sibling or you are looking for a long-term bed solution. Cot beds can only really be used for a child up to the age of three or four, and even that depends on the size of the child.


    Toddler beds are another popular type of bed to help toddlers make the transition from cot to regular bed, but their longevity is also limited as they are smaller than a full-size single bed. They do, however, usually include sides at the 'head end' which should prevent your little one from falling out.


    The third option is to move your toddler straight into a single bed. Maybe not to a bed that is raised off the ground, but a regular single bed should be fine, and it is possible to buy removable bed sides if you are worried about your toddler falling out. There is more choice of bedding and mattresses for regular single beds, making them the ideal solution.


    Choosing the Mattress

    The type of mattress you choose is, in some ways, more important than the bed. Children's mattresses should have box spring support and be either open-coil or pocket-sprung. These will ensure that your child is getting maximum support while they sleep. If you buy a mattress that has been manufactured in the UK, you can be sure that it is compliant with UK health and safety legislation. Given that toddlers may be likely to still have toileting accidents at night, a good mattress protector is vital. You should also use bed mats until your toddler is fully toilet-trained at night, as this will prevent anything coming into contact with the mattress. Mattress protectors can also protect from dust mites, which can cause asthma and hay fever. The risk of these can also be reduced by general cleanliness. It is recommended that mattresses are replaced every three to five years to ensure that your child is still getting the benefit of a good-quality product.


    Our most popular mattresses for kids are the Quilted Single Mattress options and our Pocket Sprung Single Mattress. Both are European to fit euro size frames such as Thuka kids beds and Steens beds for kids from Clever Clicker.


    Hopefully ,this has provided some useful tips, so if your child is about to graduate from a cot to a bed, you will know what to look out for and how to choose the mattress that will be the best for them.

    Shop our range of mattresses for kids and children’s beds now.

  • 10 Bedrooms You'll Wish you had this Christmas

    1. Cosy, Christmassy and endlessly appealing, this bedroom practically begs you to curl up with a hot chocolate and a good book. The warm reddish-orange painted wall gives the room a rustic feel, while the crisp white bedding provides a refreshing contrast to the rest of the decor. The greenery and candles add a traditional touch and make this a festive bedroom for Santa himself.

    bed 1


    2. Decorated in calming neutrals, this is the perfect bedroom for anyone wanting to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the festive period. The simple pine garland provides a low-key hint of Christmas, while the use of natural materials and light colours makes this room a peaceful haven when you need to recharge your batteries.

    bed 2


    3. This fabulous festive bedroom wouldn't look out of place in Santa's North Pole house. The sleigh-style bed with its ornate headboard makes for a stunning focal point, while the red and white bedding simply screams Christmas. A fairy-lit garland and hanging stockings complete this cosy bedroom.

    bed 3


    4. Providing a more sophisticated take on Christmas decor, this bedroom is a true winter wonderland! Piles of soft furnishings and textiles in harmonious neutral shades create a relaxing haven away from the rest of the world. The Christmas tree is decked out in similarly muted shades, bringing the whole room together.

    bed 4


    5. With lots of traditional Scandinavian touches, this Christmas bedroom would delight kids and adults equally. The snowy woodland scene on the wall provides the perfect backdrop to the warming festive accessories, including the cosy fur rug. The red painted furniture is a fun touch, and the tree has been decorated in similar colours to the rest of the room. bed 5


    6. This bedroom shows it's possible to go for a full-on festive look but still keep it tasteful. The muted neutral colours perfectly complement each other, while the rustic Christmas decorations bring the outdoors inside. The impressive statement candles make a change from the usual tea lights and add a touch of grandeur to this cosy festive room.

    bed 6


    7. The traditional Christmas colours of red and white are used to great effect in this room. The plain white bed, covered in an assortment of red textiles and accessories, is both stylish and festive, while the garland and Scandinavian Christmas decorations add a touch of fun to the room.

    bed 7


    8. Perfect for visiting children, this endlessly appealing bedroom is a fantastic mixture of traditional and modern elements. The adorable log bed frames add a rustic touch, although a low cabin bed from Clever Clicker would be effective and more practical in most homes, and the textiles are a wonderful mix of contemporary and traditional designs. Another room with a Scandinavian feel, this would be sure to get even Scrooge excited about Christmas.

    bed 8


    9. A Christmas bedroom for grown-ups, this room is all about sophisticated celebration. Decorated in rich, golden tones, this is the perfect solution to anyone who loves Christmas but isn't keen on the ubiquitous red and green colour scheme. This room was designed for a lazy Christmas breakfast in bed, with lashings of bucks fizz.

    bed 9Source:

    10. The focal point of this room is definitely the impressive fireplace. Along with the candles and fairy lights, the fire provides enough light for the whole room, giving this bedroom a wonderfully cosy and welcoming glow.

    bed 10


    Which bedroom would you put on your list this Christmas? Check  out our range of bedroom furniture at Clever Clicker and create your own this year.

  • Children's Bedroom Furniture: The Christmas Gift that Lasts

    This year, invest in a Christmas gift that you suits both you and your child with some wonderful children’s furniture. A brand new bed, desk or a playful piece of storage furniture can be the ideal Christmas gift for a child. By helping individualise their bedroom, it gives them a sense of space and self whilst giving you the opportunity to invest in a present that lasts. From a kids mid sleeper cabin bed to a box that you can play on, we take a look at the best buys on the web. 


    1. Gami Cabin Bed

    The Gami Hangun Cabin Bed is the perfect choice for those looking for a modular piece of bedroom furniture. The Gami Cabin Bed has shelving, storage and a cupboard built in as well as the option to add on matching furniture.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 2. Julian Bowen Lower Sleeper

    This low sleeper from Julian Bowen is a great starter bed, this is a good choice for children coming out of cot beds who don’t want to be too far from the floor. Despite being low, the bed comes with built-in shelving and storage as well as in a choice of pink or blue.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 3. Steen for Kids High Sleeper

    The Steens High Sleeper cabin bed is ideal for older children. With plenty of storage solutions and a futon included for when friends come to stay, this bed is a terrific all-in-one package.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 4. Steens for Kids Mid Sleeper

    The Steens Mid Sleeper cabin bed is a great all-round choice. Not too high and not too low, it’s ideal for any age. The bed optimises floor space by providing a play area underneath where optional play tents can be fitted according to your child’s taste.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 5. Kidsaw Playboxes

    Kidsaw Playboxes come in a choice of kitchen and F1 Racer designs. The beauty of these playboxes is that they combine storage and a facility for kids to play on by using the box as a toy kitchen or work bench. Brightly painted, these boxes will go perfectly in either a playroom or a bedroom and are ideal for storing toys in at the end of an imaginative play session.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed

    7. Kidsaw Desk and Chair

    A Kidsaw desk and chair is a great gift for children of pre-school or early school age. These tables can be used for all sorts of arts, crafts and homework and can be individualised by colour, coming in a choice of pink, blue, white or blush. Kids can even lift the lid to reveal a chalkboard as well as space for arty bits and pieces. The simple jigsaw construction makes it easy for anyone to put the furniture together.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 7. Steen Desk

    This pedestal desk from Steens is a simple and solid piece of furniture that will work in almost any room. Complete with a set of drawers, this desk can be used for homework for school-aged children as well as for general arts and crafts or even for working on a laptop or tablet.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed

    What do you think would be on your little ones Christmas list this year?

  • The Psychology Behind Colour Schemes for Bedrooms

    loft beds with desk

    Throughout society, colours have various connotations: red for danger or stop, green means go and so on. Most people will have a favourite colour and that is generally indicative of their personality; blue might suggest a steady, methodical person whereas yellow is a lively, sunny disposition. Colour does impact our mood and thoughts, so it deserves careful consideration when it comes to decorating your home. Specialist retailer, Clever Clicker provide their expert opinion to help ensure you create a space that is both physically and psychologically friendly.


    Getting the colour right


    Of course, it’s your home and it ought to reflect your personality, but there are colours that are better suited to some rooms than others, and there are lots of differences in tones and hues. Colour can affect your well-being, so spending a little time thinking about it and how to use it in your home can set up your day. As your bedroom is the place where you wake up every day and the last room you see at night, it’s arguably the most important to get right.


    For most people, the bedroom needs to be relaxing and tranquil. You need to be able to sleep easily, so the colour scheme should promote restfulness and serenity. Avoid bright shades of any colour in large quantities - accents such as cushions or flowers are fine - and instead take it down a tone or two, and already the room will feel calmer. Adding different textures as well as colours can make the whole scheme more interesting.


    Using the right colours in the right rooms


    Reds, oranges and yellows are all vibrant, lively colours that are much harder to make work in a bedroom. They promote energy, which makes them better suited to social spaces such as living or dining rooms.


    The most flexible way to decorate is to go neutral. Think creams, whites and taupes and then add personal touches with colour in blankets, pictures and other accessories. With a blank canvas such as this, it’s not difficult to update with the season.


    Creating a calm environment


    If you prefer a more permanent scheme, don’t underestimate the power of green. Said to be the most restful colour, it mixes cheery yellow with refreshing blue and has a calming effect that is perfect for the bedroom and allows you to unwind.


    Blue too can be calming, especially when used as the main colour in a scheme, which is why it is often picked for bathrooms, though it can be quite cold so choose the hue with caution. Go too dark and you risk sparking sadness in the brain, but too light might be chilly. Lilacs or lavenders are a safe bet to balance the warmth and relaxation.


    Loft beds with desk


    Once you have settled on your colour scheme in the bedroom, it’s time to shift your concentration to the furniture to complement the scheme. If your redecorating your child's bedroom, how about one of our loft beds with desk underneath so they can play, study and sleep all in the one place? Don’t be afraid to be creative with this aspect and let your personality shine through.


    What's the psychology behind your room colour?

  • New Home Furniture Tips: From Beds with Storage to Colour Schemes

    beds with storage

    When moving into a new home, you want it to be as comfortable and homely as possible. You want your home to reflect your personality and make a statement about you. Choosing your furniture is a vital part of this process. From beds with storage to outdoor garden furniture, make the most of your new space and ensure each room is finished to your exact taste.




    Moving house can be an expensive time but it’s important to invest in a few essential items. Although it can be tempting to opt for the cheaper items, think about the longevity of the item and the uses you will gain from it.  Adding small items of furniture to your house is important but this will be a gradual process.  Instead, prioritise. Start out with a few essentials, such as a bed, a couch, and a dining table and chairs.


    Colour Scheme


    Think about the colours you choose, as well as the quality. You may like an orange settee now but will it have the same appeal in a few years' time? It is best to go for light, neutral colours, which will make your home look more spacious and will not clash with other items you buy later. Add colour with accessories as it is far easier to buy a few new cushions if your tastes change rather than a whole new sofa.


    Beds With Storage


    Every person spends around one third of their life in bed and so choosing a supportive mattress and a quality base is vital. This is another item which should last for years and so consider the future before making your choice. Will you still want a single bed in a few years' time or will that super king be practical if you ever choose to downsize? Also, think practicality. Investing in beds with storage will save you money and space elsewhere in regards to other forms or storage units.


    Dining and Outdoors


    When choosing all of your furniture, it is essential to consider your lifestyle. If you have lots of visitors, a two-seater sofa and a bistro table and chairs will not be practical, but it might be worth investing in an elegant dining table set and a Rattan outdoor garden furniture set. While you probably don't need a gigantic corner sofa if you spend a lot of time at home alone.


    You also need to consider the space you have available. A huge sofa may look comfortable but it will soon become annoying if you have to climb over the arm to shut your living room door. Measure your rooms before you buy anything. This will help you choose the right pieces and give you a good idea of what will look best where.


  • 7 Safety Tips for Children’s Bunk Beds

    children's bunk beds

    What child doesn't love a bunk bed? Children’s bunk beds are the perfect space saving solution if your children have to share a room, or even for those who like to have sleepovers with their friends. Besides the obvious sleeping purpose, kids love to play and study on them and they are also great for storage. We all know kids can get carried away when they're having fun, so here are some precautions to ensure they enjoy a safe play.


    Children's Bunk Beds Safety Tips


    1. Ensure the bunk bed is situated in a corner of the room so that it is protected by a wall, preventing children from falling out of it. A bunk bed will need two walls for support.


    2. Bunk bed ladders can cause a danger to young children, especially if the room is dark. So set up a nightlight by the ladder on the staircase for during the night in case your child needs to get down. This will prevent them hurting themselves.


    3. Bits of toys and books on the floor will cause a tripping hazard and will also hurt your child's feet if accidentally landed on, so make sure the area around the bunk bed is clear in case of any falls or mishaps.


    4. It is imperative that no leads, wires, cords or anything long are tied around the top of the bunk bed. This includes wires from devices such as consoles and tablets. A child can quickly become entangled in these.


    5. It is dangerous for more than one child to be up on the top bunk at the same time. Bunk beds were only designed for one child on the top bunk so do not let more than one child up there. It is also advised that children aged under six should not sleep on the top bunk.


    6. Teach your child that it is dangerous to jump from the top bunk to the floor. Children may well build confidence once they have had their bunk bed for a while and try to jump from the top, but it is not safe. Instead, teach them to use the ladders provided.


    7. Explain to your children that it's not safe to play under the bunk bed unless it has been made this way by manufacturers.

    Do you have any safety tips to share with us?

  • 4 Reasons We Love Kids High & Mid sleeper Beds


    midsleeper beds

    If you have children between the ages of about 6-13, high or mid sleeper beds is a great practical solution. A child’s bedroom should be a place they can work, play and sleep but it can be tricky finding the furniture to cater for all of these activities, especially when space is at a premium.  As suggested by the name, these beds have raised frames with space underneath. This space is easily accessible and can be used for a range of functions. There are many benefits of mid and high sleeper beds for children, here’s some of the reasons we personally love them:


    1. Mid sleeper beds are perfect for den making


    If you have younger children, the high or mid sleeper provides the perfect opportunity to construct a secret hideout. The raised frames make way for an open space underneath the bed, the perfect location to construct your den. Some of the mid and high sleepers on the market come with the option of a ‘tent’, which can be attached easily to the bed. If your midsleeper doesn’t come with one, improvise and make one yourself with a blanket and some imagination!  Add bean bags or scatter large cushions to make the space extra comfortable.


    2. Study time is easier

    Teenagers and older children really need somewhere to study, but if they only have a small bedroom it can be a challenge finding somewhere suitable. A mid or high sleeper helps you to maximise the space in the room. Many mid or high sleepers come complete with a pull out desk and shelves, perfect for doing homework and keeping books organised. And for the younger ones, something a little more fun like this midsleeper with a low bookcase and pull out desk.


    3. Sleepovers are more exciting

    Most children and young people enjoy having friends to stay over for the night. A mid or high sleeper with is great for those occasions. The raised space underneath is a great place for a guest bed if space is at a premium in your child’s bedroom. When the guest bed is not being used, recreate the den where your child or teenager can spend time relaxing.


    4. Space saving solution

    Perhaps the biggest benefit to a high or mid sleeper is the extra storage they can offer. Many come with the option of drawers and shelves, great for storing toys and clothes. Bedroom furniture can always be bought separately and added, you would never know the difference.


    Tell us why you love your high or mid sleeper bed..

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