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  • The Psychology Behind Colour Schemes for Bedrooms

    loft beds with desk

    Throughout society, colours have various connotations: red for danger or stop, green means go and so on. Most people will have a favourite colour and that is generally indicative of their personality; blue might suggest a steady, methodical person whereas yellow is a lively, sunny disposition. Colour does impact our mood and thoughts, so it deserves careful consideration when it comes to decorating your home. Specialist retailer, Clever Clicker provide their expert opinion to help ensure you create a space that is both physically and psychologically friendly.


    Getting the colour right


    Of course, it’s your home and it ought to reflect your personality, but there are colours that are better suited to some rooms than others, and there are lots of differences in tones and hues. Colour can affect your well-being, so spending a little time thinking about it and how to use it in your home can set up your day. As your bedroom is the place where you wake up every day and the last room you see at night, it’s arguably the most important to get right.


    For most people, the bedroom needs to be relaxing and tranquil. You need to be able to sleep easily, so the colour scheme should promote restfulness and serenity. Avoid bright shades of any colour in large quantities - accents such as cushions or flowers are fine - and instead take it down a tone or two, and already the room will feel calmer. Adding different textures as well as colours can make the whole scheme more interesting.


    Using the right colours in the right rooms


    Reds, oranges and yellows are all vibrant, lively colours that are much harder to make work in a bedroom. They promote energy, which makes them better suited to social spaces such as living or dining rooms.


    The most flexible way to decorate is to go neutral. Think creams, whites and taupes and then add personal touches with colour in blankets, pictures and other accessories. With a blank canvas such as this, it’s not difficult to update with the season.


    Creating a calm environment


    If you prefer a more permanent scheme, don’t underestimate the power of green. Said to be the most restful colour, it mixes cheery yellow with refreshing blue and has a calming effect that is perfect for the bedroom and allows you to unwind.


    Blue too can be calming, especially when used as the main colour in a scheme, which is why it is often picked for bathrooms, though it can be quite cold so choose the hue with caution. Go too dark and you risk sparking sadness in the brain, but too light might be chilly. Lilacs or lavenders are a safe bet to balance the warmth and relaxation.


    Loft beds with desk


    Once you have settled on your colour scheme in the bedroom, it’s time to shift your concentration to the furniture to complement the scheme. If your redecorating your child's bedroom, how about one of our loft beds with desk underneath so they can play, study and sleep all in the one place? Don’t be afraid to be creative with this aspect and let your personality shine through.


    What's the psychology behind your room colour?

  • 7 Safety Tips for Children’s Bunk Beds

    children's bunk beds

    What child doesn't love a bunk bed? Children’s bunk beds are the perfect space saving solution if your children have to share a room, or even for those who like to have sleepovers with their friends. Besides the obvious sleeping purpose, kids love to play and study on them and they are also great for storage. We all know kids can get carried away when they're having fun, so here are some precautions to ensure they enjoy a safe play.


    Children's Bunk Beds Safety Tips


    1. Ensure the bunk bed is situated in a corner of the room so that it is protected by a wall, preventing children from falling out of it. A bunk bed will need two walls for support.


    2. Bunk bed ladders can cause a danger to young children, especially if the room is dark. So set up a nightlight by the ladder on the staircase for during the night in case your child needs to get down. This will prevent them hurting themselves.


    3. Bits of toys and books on the floor will cause a tripping hazard and will also hurt your child's feet if accidentally landed on, so make sure the area around the bunk bed is clear in case of any falls or mishaps.


    4. It is imperative that no leads, wires, cords or anything long are tied around the top of the bunk bed. This includes wires from devices such as consoles and tablets. A child can quickly become entangled in these.


    5. It is dangerous for more than one child to be up on the top bunk at the same time. Bunk beds were only designed for one child on the top bunk so do not let more than one child up there. It is also advised that children aged under six should not sleep on the top bunk.


    6. Teach your child that it is dangerous to jump from the top bunk to the floor. Children may well build confidence once they have had their bunk bed for a while and try to jump from the top, but it is not safe. Instead, teach them to use the ladders provided.


    7. Explain to your children that it's not safe to play under the bunk bed unless it has been made this way by manufacturers.

    Do you have any safety tips to share with us?

  • 4 Reasons We Love Kids High & Mid sleeper Beds


    midsleeper beds

    If you have children between the ages of about 6-13, high or mid sleeper beds is a great practical solution. A child’s bedroom should be a place they can work, play and sleep but it can be tricky finding the furniture to cater for all of these activities, especially when space is at a premium.  As suggested by the name, these beds have raised frames with space underneath. This space is easily accessible and can be used for a range of functions. There are many benefits of mid and high sleeper beds for children, here’s some of the reasons we personally love them:


    1. Mid sleeper beds are perfect for den making


    If you have younger children, the high or mid sleeper provides the perfect opportunity to construct a secret hideout. The raised frames make way for an open space underneath the bed, the perfect location to construct your den. Some of the mid and high sleepers on the market come with the option of a ‘tent’, which can be attached easily to the bed. If your midsleeper doesn’t come with one, improvise and make one yourself with a blanket and some imagination!  Add bean bags or scatter large cushions to make the space extra comfortable.


    2. Study time is easier

    Teenagers and older children really need somewhere to study, but if they only have a small bedroom it can be a challenge finding somewhere suitable. A mid or high sleeper helps you to maximise the space in the room. Many mid or high sleepers come complete with a pull out desk and shelves, perfect for doing homework and keeping books organised. And for the younger ones, something a little more fun like this midsleeper with a low bookcase and pull out desk.


    3. Sleepovers are more exciting

    Most children and young people enjoy having friends to stay over for the night. A mid or high sleeper with is great for those occasions. The raised space underneath is a great place for a guest bed if space is at a premium in your child’s bedroom. When the guest bed is not being used, recreate the den where your child or teenager can spend time relaxing.


    4. Space saving solution

    Perhaps the biggest benefit to a high or mid sleeper is the extra storage they can offer. Many come with the option of drawers and shelves, great for storing toys and clothes. Bedroom furniture can always be bought separately and added, you would never know the difference.


    Tell us why you love your high or mid sleeper bed..

  • Win a Fantastic Kids Mid Sleeper Bed From Steens

    At Clever Clicker we are brimming with excitement to announce an amazing competition going live. Held in conjunction with the online parenting magazine Small Steps the lucky winner will become the proud owner of a fantastic children's bed. The Kids Mid Sleeper Bed in Solid Plain White from Steens for Kids is not only one of our top products, but as a leading brand name, you can be guaranteed a great, long-lasting bed that your child will absolutely adore.

    Win a Fantastic Kids Mid Sleeper Bed From Steens For Kids Continue reading

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