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Children's Furniture

  • National Bed Month - 8 Beds we Love!

    March is National Bed Month, which is the ideal excuse to think about investing in a new sleep space for your children. With so much choice on offer, where should you start you search?

    To help you out, we have compiled this round-up of eight of our favourite beds, from bunk beds with desk underneath to those that come complete with their own slides. Hopefully you will spot one that is just perfect for putting a spring in your children’s step this month and, if not, it should offer you plenty of inspiration to get your bed search well under way.

    Steens Memphis Midsleeper Bed

    Steens Memphis UK Midsleeper Bed + Mattress


    The smooth white design makes this Steens Memphis bed really versatile and its space-saving features mean it is a great option for a whole host of different-sized rooms.

    The solid construction makes it perfect for even the most-active of children, while the addition of extra features such as a play tent ensures imagination and play does not need to be ignored in favour of promoting great-quality sleep.


    Parisot Tam Tam Bunk Bed

    Parisot Tam Tam Bunk Bed

    The Parisot Tam Tam bunk bed, available in white, gloss black or beech finish, offers plenty of space-saving storage without compromising on style or design. Featuring plenty of modern shelving and the potential to add an underbed drawer, this is the ideal bed for smaller rooms or simply for children who can never have enough space to house all their things.


    Steens for Kids High Sleeper with Pedestal Desk and Low Bookcase

    Steens for Kids High Sleeper with Pedestal Desk and Low Bookcase

    What do you get for children who have everything? Bunk beds with plenty of added features and storage, of course.

    The Steens for Kids High Sleeper can create a whole bedroom in one compact unit. There is also the option to add on a bumper bundle of additional features, ranging from bed tidies to bookcases and wardrobes.

    The bunk beds with desk underneath and lots of optional storage mean that children are well taken care of during both waking and sleeping hours, while parents can appreciate a perfectly-proportioned, modern and stylish design.


    Julian Bowen Domino White Bunk Bed

    Julian Bowen Domino White Bunk Bed

    If you are looking for a stylish but robust bunk bed that does not compromise on style or comfort, then you can’t go wrong with this Julian Bowen Domino bed.

    Clever integrated storage and a thoroughly modern design will impress parents, but it will probably be the glow-in-the-dark green striped steps that the kids love the most.


    Steens for Kids Midsleeper Bed with Slide in Whitewash

    Steens for Kids Midsleeper Bed with Slide in Whitewash

    Why stumble out of bed in the morning when you can slide right into your day? The fun design of the Steens for Kids Midsleeper Bed will be an instant hit with youngsters and can be made even better with the addition of features such as a play tunnel or tent, available in a variety of designs.


    Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper Bed

    Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper Bed

    A great children’s bed with a distinctly grown-up feel, the Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper is a great combination of practicality and style.

    The pull-out sofa bed is perfect for when the kids have their friends over to stay, while the desk space and optional shelving takes care of everyday storage needs.


    Julian Bowen Wendy Blue Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed with Tent, Mattress and Chair

    Julian Bowen Wendy Blue Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed with Tent, Mattress and Chair

    There is no need to spend ages looking for the essential accessories for your child’s bed when you choose this great package from Julian Bowen, which comes complete with a tent, chair and mattress.

    There is a desk for work time, a tent for playtime and a super-comfy sleeping space for when it is time to take a break. What more could your youngsters need?


    Julian Bowen Stella Low-Sleeper Bed in Blue

    Julian Bowen Stella Low-Sleeper Bed in Blue

    When it comes to low sleepers, the Julian Bowen Stella is first class as a result of its stylish finish and practical design. Featuring no less than two underbed drawers and plenty of useful shelving, it is the ideal choice for boys who like having their prized possessions close at hand.

  • Imaginative Sleep and Storage Solutions for a Child's Small Bedroom

    Often children's rooms are a bit tight on space, and trying to furnish them to provide room for sleeping, playing, studying and having friends over can be a bit of a challenge.

    If your child or teenager's room is on the small side, the best solution may be to buy a bed with storage. This maximises the space left to move around in. From drawers for storing clothes to bookshelves and desks, and from toy boxes to a spare bed for sleepovers, there are so many options to choose from these days.

    And these multi-functional pieces of furniture come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to appeal to all ages and imaginations.

    Steens produce a cabin bed that is modular and can be turned into a tent or a play tunnel and comes with a desk and bookcases and accessories for storing toys. This is ideal for a small room. In plain white it will match any decor.

    steens for kids pink and white

    And for the slightly older child there is the Parisot Moby Midsleeper, which has a cabin bed with a desk and shelving below for books and toys.

    parisot winter sale

    Teenagers may appreciate a bunk-style bed which incorporates a comfortable chair to sit in to watch TV. It can also convert into a spare bed for sleepovers, as well as space for studying.

    teenagers bed Maintaining a light decor and providing sufficient storage to keep toys and books tidy and out of the way all help to make the room appear bigger. Also, by building the furniture upwards, the room looks taller, which helps to make the room appear bigger than it is.

    It's all about creating an illusion of space, as well as actually optimising the floor space available. Without careful thought and planning, the room could look cluttered and untidy, and neither you nor your child will want to spend time in it. A multi-purpose bed with storage and appropriately proportioned furniture is the practical option to meet your child's sleep, play and storage needs and can be adapted as they grow.

  • Children's Bedroom Furniture: The Christmas Gift that Lasts

    This year, invest in a Christmas gift that you suits both you and your child with some wonderful children’s furniture. A brand new bed, desk or a playful piece of storage furniture can be the ideal Christmas gift for a child. By helping individualise their bedroom, it gives them a sense of space and self whilst giving you the opportunity to invest in a present that lasts. From a kids mid sleeper cabin bed to a box that you can play on, we take a look at the best buys on the web. 


    1. Gami Cabin Bed

    The Gami Hangun Cabin Bed is the perfect choice for those looking for a modular piece of bedroom furniture. The Gami Cabin Bed has shelving, storage and a cupboard built in as well as the option to add on matching furniture.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 2. Julian Bowen Lower Sleeper

    This low sleeper from Julian Bowen is a great starter bed, this is a good choice for children coming out of cot beds who don’t want to be too far from the floor. Despite being low, the bed comes with built-in shelving and storage as well as in a choice of pink or blue.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 3. Steen for Kids High Sleeper

    The Steens High Sleeper cabin bed is ideal for older children. With plenty of storage solutions and a futon included for when friends come to stay, this bed is a terrific all-in-one package.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 4. Steens for Kids Mid Sleeper

    The Steens Mid Sleeper cabin bed is a great all-round choice. Not too high and not too low, it’s ideal for any age. The bed optimises floor space by providing a play area underneath where optional play tents can be fitted according to your child’s taste.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 5. Kidsaw Playboxes

    Kidsaw Playboxes come in a choice of kitchen and F1 Racer designs. The beauty of these playboxes is that they combine storage and a facility for kids to play on by using the box as a toy kitchen or work bench. Brightly painted, these boxes will go perfectly in either a playroom or a bedroom and are ideal for storing toys in at the end of an imaginative play session.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed

    7. Kidsaw Desk and Chair

    A Kidsaw desk and chair is a great gift for children of pre-school or early school age. These tables can be used for all sorts of arts, crafts and homework and can be individualised by colour, coming in a choice of pink, blue, white or blush. Kids can even lift the lid to reveal a chalkboard as well as space for arty bits and pieces. The simple jigsaw construction makes it easy for anyone to put the furniture together.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed 7. Steen Desk

    This pedestal desk from Steens is a simple and solid piece of furniture that will work in almost any room. Complete with a set of drawers, this desk can be used for homework for school-aged children as well as for general arts and crafts or even for working on a laptop or tablet.

    kids mid sleeper cabin bed

    What do you think would be on your little ones Christmas list this year?

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