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Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Growing Child

Thuka beds from Clever Clicker

For any parent, moving your child from a cot to a bed is a big milestone. For something this important, it is vital that you choose a bed and mattress that is right for your child and will enable not just your child but the whole family to have a good night's sleep. There are many beds to choose from, such as cot beds, toddler beds, regular single beds or Thuka beds from Clever Clicker, but the most important thing is to ensure that your child is on the right sort of mattress, as this can not only enable them to have undisturbed sleep but can also be better for the health of their growing body.


What type of bed?

Deciding on a bed for your little one can be something of a minefield. When you buy a cot for your baby, there is the option to buy a 'cotbed' so that once your toddler has outgrown the cot you can turn this into a bed. In theory, this is a good idea, but it doesn't work if you either need the cot for a sibling or you are looking for a long-term bed solution. Cot beds can only really be used for a child up to the age of three or four, and even that depends on the size of the child.


Toddler beds are another popular type of bed to help toddlers make the transition from cot to regular bed, but their longevity is also limited as they are smaller than a full-size single bed. They do, however, usually include sides at the 'head end' which should prevent your little one from falling out.


The third option is to move your toddler straight into a single bed. Maybe not to a bed that is raised off the ground, but a regular single bed should be fine, and it is possible to buy removable bed sides if you are worried about your toddler falling out. There is more choice of bedding and mattresses for regular single beds, making them the ideal solution.


Choosing the Mattress

The type of mattress you choose is, in some ways, more important than the bed. Children's mattresses should have box spring support and be either open-coil or pocket-sprung. These will ensure that your child is getting maximum support while they sleep. If you buy a mattress that has been manufactured in the UK, you can be sure that it is compliant with UK health and safety legislation. Given that toddlers may be likely to still have toileting accidents at night, a good mattress protector is vital. You should also use bed mats until your toddler is fully toilet-trained at night, as this will prevent anything coming into contact with the mattress. Mattress protectors can also protect from dust mites, which can cause asthma and hay fever. The risk of these can also be reduced by general cleanliness. It is recommended that mattresses are replaced every three to five years to ensure that your child is still getting the benefit of a good-quality product.


Our most popular mattresses for kids are the Quilted Single Mattress options and our Pocket Sprung Single Mattress. Both are European to fit euro size frames such as Thuka kids beds and Steens beds for kids from Clever Clicker.


Hopefully ,this has provided some useful tips, so if your child is about to graduate from a cot to a bed, you will know what to look out for and how to choose the mattress that will be the best for them.

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