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How to Accessorise Your Steens for Kids Bed

Children’s bedrooms are a versatile place - somewhere to sleep, obviously, but also somewhere to play, to relax, build forts and much more. Clever Clicker’s range of children’s furniture offers the scope to be all of that.

Quite a claim, but we’re confident that our range of beds and cabin bed accessories offers everything the kids want from their bedroom, with looks and prices their parents want!

Personal Space

Where possible, it can benefit children of all ages to have their own space. For younger children, sharing can disrupt bedtime and sleep patterns, and for older children, having personal space is important. It’s a place for some privacy and somewhere for self-expression.

Children develop a sense of their own identity very early on - they know what they like and don’t like - so having a room that reflects that is a good thing. Have them help you ‘design’ it (within reason) and they’ll learn about how important their opinion is and a respect for their possessions and space. These tents can be the perfect for creating their own space.

Steens Memphis UK Midsleeper Bed + Mattress + Tent

Bedrooms Should Be Fun

When they’re little, imaginations should be cherished. They can take a small person to outer space or to a princess castle - in fact, anywhere in this world or any other!

Our range of furniture and cabin bed accessories makes imaginative play easy and fun and creates useful storage in smaller spaces, once dragons have been slain or treasure found and it’s time for sleep.

Steens For Kids Midsleeper with Circus Accessories

Practical and Beautiful

Our steens range coordinate, which means you can add to your furniture as your child grows without having to replace items or face a mismatch. The space under a mid-sleeper bed that was reserved for a play tent might one day be needed by a fashionista for more storage with a cupboard or set of drawers, or by a studious teen with a mountain of homework.

The handy desk designed to fit underneath the bed and can be pushed back to be stored, giving you enough room when you need it.

Cabin Bed Accessories

As they grow and they tastes and needs adapt, our range of cabin bed accessories is ready for your little one. Our basic beds are modern and well designed, and the accessories allow you to really make it your own.

Use the space beneath a mid-sleeper for play only, which is especially great if you have the space, adorned with your kids’ favourite characters or make-believe scenarios.

If space is tight, add a bookcase or chest of drawers and storage is no longer an issue. Of course, we can’t guarantee how tidy they’ll keep the space but it will keep precious books, and other assorted knick-knacks, nearby.

Steens For Kids 3+2 Chest of Drawers in Whitewash


One of the great things about our Steens Accessories is that you can add as many, or as few, to your child's bed as you wish. The Tunnels are available in Blue, Purple or Orange. The Tents in Blue/Dark Blue, Orange/Pink, or Pink/Purple, and the Pocket Tidy's in Blue/Dark Blue and Pink/Green.

bedroom design

Of course, our full range is compliant with all relevant safety guidelines, as we know parental peace of mind is a valuable thing.

We offer three different colours for the furniture, which is FSC-certified from sustainable sources, and it meets UK and EU standards for safety.