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  • 10 Bedrooms You'll Wish you had this Christmas

    1. Cosy, Christmassy and endlessly appealing, this bedroom practically begs you to curl up with a hot chocolate and a good book. The warm reddish-orange painted wall gives the room a rustic feel, while the crisp white bedding provides a refreshing contrast to the rest of the decor. The greenery and candles add a traditional touch and make this a festive bedroom for Santa himself.

    bed 1


    2. Decorated in calming neutrals, this is the perfect bedroom for anyone wanting to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the festive period. The simple pine garland provides a low-key hint of Christmas, while the use of natural materials and light colours makes this room a peaceful haven when you need to recharge your batteries.

    bed 2


    3. This fabulous festive bedroom wouldn't look out of place in Santa's North Pole house. The sleigh-style bed with its ornate headboard makes for a stunning focal point, while the red and white bedding simply screams Christmas. A fairy-lit garland and hanging stockings complete this cosy bedroom.

    bed 3


    4. Providing a more sophisticated take on Christmas decor, this bedroom is a true winter wonderland! Piles of soft furnishings and textiles in harmonious neutral shades create a relaxing haven away from the rest of the world. The Christmas tree is decked out in similarly muted shades, bringing the whole room together.

    bed 4


    5. With lots of traditional Scandinavian touches, this Christmas bedroom would delight kids and adults equally. The snowy woodland scene on the wall provides the perfect backdrop to the warming festive accessories, including the cosy fur rug. The red painted furniture is a fun touch, and the tree has been decorated in similar colours to the rest of the room. bed 5


    6. This bedroom shows it's possible to go for a full-on festive look but still keep it tasteful. The muted neutral colours perfectly complement each other, while the rustic Christmas decorations bring the outdoors inside. The impressive statement candles make a change from the usual tea lights and add a touch of grandeur to this cosy festive room.

    bed 6


    7. The traditional Christmas colours of red and white are used to great effect in this room. The plain white bed, covered in an assortment of red textiles and accessories, is both stylish and festive, while the garland and Scandinavian Christmas decorations add a touch of fun to the room.

    bed 7


    8. Perfect for visiting children, this endlessly appealing bedroom is a fantastic mixture of traditional and modern elements. The adorable log bed frames add a rustic touch, although a low cabin bed from Clever Clicker would be effective and more practical in most homes, and the textiles are a wonderful mix of contemporary and traditional designs. Another room with a Scandinavian feel, this would be sure to get even Scrooge excited about Christmas.

    bed 8


    9. A Christmas bedroom for grown-ups, this room is all about sophisticated celebration. Decorated in rich, golden tones, this is the perfect solution to anyone who loves Christmas but isn't keen on the ubiquitous red and green colour scheme. This room was designed for a lazy Christmas breakfast in bed, with lashings of bucks fizz.

    bed 9Source:

    10. The focal point of this room is definitely the impressive fireplace. Along with the candles and fairy lights, the fire provides enough light for the whole room, giving this bedroom a wonderfully cosy and welcoming glow.

    bed 10


    Which bedroom would you put on your list this Christmas? Check  out our range of bedroom furniture at Clever Clicker and create your own this year.

  • The Psychology Behind Colour Schemes for Bedrooms

    loft beds with desk

    Throughout society, colours have various connotations: red for danger or stop, green means go and so on. Most people will have a favourite colour and that is generally indicative of their personality; blue might suggest a steady, methodical person whereas yellow is a lively, sunny disposition. Colour does impact our mood and thoughts, so it deserves careful consideration when it comes to decorating your home. Specialist retailer, Clever Clicker provide their expert opinion to help ensure you create a space that is both physically and psychologically friendly.


    Getting the colour right


    Of course, it’s your home and it ought to reflect your personality, but there are colours that are better suited to some rooms than others, and there are lots of differences in tones and hues. Colour can affect your well-being, so spending a little time thinking about it and how to use it in your home can set up your day. As your bedroom is the place where you wake up every day and the last room you see at night, it’s arguably the most important to get right.


    For most people, the bedroom needs to be relaxing and tranquil. You need to be able to sleep easily, so the colour scheme should promote restfulness and serenity. Avoid bright shades of any colour in large quantities - accents such as cushions or flowers are fine - and instead take it down a tone or two, and already the room will feel calmer. Adding different textures as well as colours can make the whole scheme more interesting.


    Using the right colours in the right rooms


    Reds, oranges and yellows are all vibrant, lively colours that are much harder to make work in a bedroom. They promote energy, which makes them better suited to social spaces such as living or dining rooms.


    The most flexible way to decorate is to go neutral. Think creams, whites and taupes and then add personal touches with colour in blankets, pictures and other accessories. With a blank canvas such as this, it’s not difficult to update with the season.


    Creating a calm environment


    If you prefer a more permanent scheme, don’t underestimate the power of green. Said to be the most restful colour, it mixes cheery yellow with refreshing blue and has a calming effect that is perfect for the bedroom and allows you to unwind.


    Blue too can be calming, especially when used as the main colour in a scheme, which is why it is often picked for bathrooms, though it can be quite cold so choose the hue with caution. Go too dark and you risk sparking sadness in the brain, but too light might be chilly. Lilacs or lavenders are a safe bet to balance the warmth and relaxation.


    Loft beds with desk


    Once you have settled on your colour scheme in the bedroom, it’s time to shift your concentration to the furniture to complement the scheme. If your redecorating your child's bedroom, how about one of our loft beds with desk underneath so they can play, study and sleep all in the one place? Don’t be afraid to be creative with this aspect and let your personality shine through.


    What's the psychology behind your room colour?

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