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Imaginative Sleep and Storage Solutions for a Child's Small Bedroom

Often children's rooms are a bit tight on space, and trying to furnish them to provide room for sleeping, playing, studying and having friends over can be a bit of a challenge.

If your child or teenager's room is on the small side, the best solution may be to buy a bed with storage. This maximises the space left to move around in. From drawers for storing clothes to bookshelves and desks, and from toy boxes to a spare bed for sleepovers, there are so many options to choose from these days.

And these multi-functional pieces of furniture come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to appeal to all ages and imaginations.

Steens produce a cabin bed that is modular and can be turned into a tent or a play tunnel and comes with a desk and bookcases and accessories for storing toys. This is ideal for a small room. In plain white it will match any decor.

steens for kids pink and white

And for the slightly older child there is the Parisot Moby Midsleeper, which has a cabin bed with a desk and shelving below for books and toys.

parisot winter sale

Teenagers may appreciate a bunk-style bed which incorporates a comfortable chair to sit in to watch TV. It can also convert into a spare bed for sleepovers, as well as space for studying.

teenagers bed Maintaining a light decor and providing sufficient storage to keep toys and books tidy and out of the way all help to make the room appear bigger. Also, by building the furniture upwards, the room looks taller, which helps to make the room appear bigger than it is.

It's all about creating an illusion of space, as well as actually optimising the floor space available. Without careful thought and planning, the room could look cluttered and untidy, and neither you nor your child will want to spend time in it. A multi-purpose bed with storage and appropriately proportioned furniture is the practical option to meet your child's sleep, play and storage needs and can be adapted as they grow.